• As soon as you have registered using the online registration form, you are liable for all term fees incurred from that date forward
  • Term fees are non refundable (Please visit our Refund Policy for details).
  • Invoices for termly classes will be sent at the beginning of the month’s of March, August and December for the following term. Payments will be due by the end of the month of the invoice sent.
  • Late fees occured after the due payment date without any form of communication will put you at risk of being charged a late fee. You will be charged at 10% of your bill and then £5 per week thereafter.WhizzDance has the right to apply the late fee at any point after the invoice is overdue.
  • If fees are not paid, WhizzDance also has the right to refuse entrance and attendance in class.
  • If there is a waiting list in place and term fees have not been paid, WhizzDance has the right to offer your allocated place to those on the waiting list without warning.
  • WhizzDance may make changes to the current fees at any time, although we will always do our best to give you reasonable notice.


  • Term fees are non refundable (Please visit our Refund Policy for details).
  • WhizzDance will not accept any cancellation of classes in the first term of registering. You are liable for all fees and costs incurred, this is non-negotiable.
  • Cancellation must be communicated via email to info@whizzdance.com No other form of contact will be accepted. This is non-negotiable
  • If communication of cancellation isn’t made before the current invoice deadline you will be liable for the terms fees due including any late fees occurred during that time period. WhizzDance has the right to action this in any instance.


  • WhizzDance students are expected to look at their WhizzTeacher, listen to their WhizzTeacher, join in at all times, and behave respectfully and accordingly in all classes.
  • Unruly behaviour conducted by any student, will eventually lead to their removal from the class.
  • WhizzDance has the right to withdraw any student’s place at WhizzDance at any time after experiencing unruly, unreasonable behaviour in class and without notice. No refund will be given in any instance as such.
  • All students must be groomed accordingly and appropriately for their session.
  • If the student does not adhere to uniform regulations and grooming, WhizzTeachers have the right to refuse entry to class.
  • All students and parents are expected to be supportive without question of any creative decisions, choreographic content, casting roles made by WhizzDance for any public performance opportunities, watching week classes, shows or exams.


  • Photo or videos may be taken by WhizzDance for the website or printed media. WhizzDance will ask your permission to use such photos in advance for your consent in writing prior to taking such action.
  • Photos or videos may be taken by WhizzDance for use on the WhizzDance social media only. WhizzDance will always ask for your permission verbally or by phone prior to taking such action.
  • WhizzDance will always strive to be responsible in artistic choices with any media obtained. WhizzDance will represent their students in their best interest and will always take into consideration their safeguarding.
  • In the event of WhizzDance Parents agreeing to their child’s image online or in print, WhizzDance Parents have no right to any creative control and have no right to request changes be made to the content once posted or printed.
  • Photos are permitted during ‘watching week’ and other WhizzDance events such as performance sharing’s and parties by family members and guests invited by students of WhizzDance. WhizzDance has the right to stop this at any time without notice.
  • During BalletTots, photos are permitted during the class time by Parents of students in the class only. WhizzDance has the right to stop this at any time without notice.