Registration & Uniform information

Registration fee
The Registration fee covers the cost of setting up your WhizzDancer on the WhizzDance system and part of your child's first WhizzDance uniform.

Please note you will be expected to complete the other uniform requirements. All items are available through WhizzDance. Official uniform items such as leotards, will be charged as per the current WhizzDance price list.

Please note:
Some uniform items are only available to purchase from our online dance store. Please contact us for a link to the store

Class Price Info
Ballet, Jazz/Modern & Tap Classes £25.00 Includes official uniform leotard for their first class
Street Dance £15.00 Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green (must be worn for Street Dance)
Includes the official WhizzDance T.Shirt for their first class

Uniform Price List

Uniform Item Price Options
Ballet Leotard £20.00 N/A
Jazz/Modern & Tap Leotard £12.00 Purple, Green, Blue, Red
Jazz/Modern & Tap Shorts £12.00 N/A
Jazz/Modern & Tap Leotard & Shorts £20.00 N/A
WhizzDance T. Shirt £10.00 Must be worn for Street Dance
Ballet Shoes £12.00 N/A
Ballet Socks £2.50 N/A
Tights up to 3yrs £6.00 N/A
Convertible Tights 4yrs + £7.00 N/A
WhizzDance Cardigan £19.50-£26.50 N/A