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Below You Will Find Our

Expectations Policy


At WhizzDance we aim to maintain a secure, caring and stimulating environment in which children and adults are encouraged to have respect for themselves and each other. This document should be read alongside the WhizzDance Terms and Conditions.



At all our venues, please be mindful they are shared buildings with others working so please travel through our venues respectfully and quietly. Movement around the sites should be limited to our locations only. Children must have a responsibility for their own items and equipment.



Children will be supervised and encouraged to use toilets one at a time. When a child has finished in the toilet, they must wash their hands.



We encourage teachers to praise individuals for their good work, attitude and good behaviour and show recognition if this is brought to their attention. Above all praise and encouragement should be used as much as possible and can be used to show children model behaviours etc



WhizzDance students are expected to look at their WhizzTeacher, listen to their WhizzTeacher, join in at all times, and behave respectfully and accordingly in all classes. Unruly behaviour conducted by any student will eventually lead to their removal from the class.

If a child’s behaviour is unacceptable the following sanctions and disciplinary procedures could be used:

  • Conversation(s) with pupil(s) which could include a verbal warning and other behaviour management strategies in line with our current behaviour policy.
  • Once all appropriate behaviour management strategies have been exhausted, contact should be made with the pupil’s parent/carer.
  • If unacceptable behaviour shows no improvement over time, the child’s place at WhizzDance may be revoked.



WhizzDance is an inclusive setting and all children will have the opportunity to join and enjoy our classes.

Communication is key so please make sure Parents and Guardians share with us as much information with us as possible so we can support our SEN WhizzDancers and be the best we can be for them.

WhizzDance recognises that unsettled behaviour could be a sign that for some individuals there is an unfulfilled need and that the behaviour is communicating that there is a problem. WhizzDance will use reasonable endeavours to make the necessary adjustments to reduce the stimulus that may be triggering the challenging response.

Children with known SEN may have to attend WhizzDance on a trial basis so that staff can evaluate their behaviour in line with our safety measures.