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Primary Schools Enrichment

and AfterSchool Clubs

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Primary Schools Enrichment and After-School Clubs

WhizzDance delivers a variety of classes and after school clubs with a current outreach of 282 children in primary enrichment sessions and clubs throughout London and Cheltenham alongside 196 children in a private out of school setting in Streatham and Bromley.

Our ethos is to in still a lifelong love of dance and performance. Our sessions are as engaging and enjoyable as possible delivered by our talented and inspiring WhizzTeam. 

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We recommend keeping the clubs offered over a span of one or two year groups max to avoid huge differentiation delivery wise. However, if your school is only one form entry, we will happily discuss options for you to make the numbers work as some dance genres lend better than others across a larger age range.

We offer a range of clubs and enrichment sessions:
  • WhizzStreet 
  • WhizzBallet 
  • WhizzTap 
  • WhizzTheatrics (Musical Theatre: Acting, Singing and Dance)
  • WhizzDance Music & Movement (KS1 only)
  • WhizzContemporary & Creative Movement (KS2 only)


“We’ve been working with WhizzDance over 6 years. They have, by far, the most professional and dedicated staff we’ve used to deliver extra-curricular activities and parents really value coming to watch their children perform.” Chesterton Primary School


“WhizzDance has been a pleasure to work with thanks to Maria (WhizzPrincipal) and her team.  For the past 4 years I have gained a strong relationship with Maria through her incredible communication and organisation of After School Clubs.  Maria’s communication is extremely efficient, and she, without fail, keeps me updated with everything I need to know.  To date, Maria’s team have not missed one session, and if they are unable to attend, we can depend on Maria to provide us cover.  The WhizzDance team are always a delight to work with.  They enter and leave with a smile on their face and provide their clubs to the best standard… The end of term performance for families from the children shows this!  The children adore the providers and love the Street, Theatrics, Ballet clubs they provide.  We will always want WhizzDance to be at Dunraven, and we don’t have any plans to let them go!” Dunraven Primary School


Get your students moving and grooving! Our Street Dance classes for kids provide an exciting way to learn, practice and perfect the latest moves, while having fun with classmates or making friends in clubs.

Our experienced WhizzTeachers will guide your kids through a series of activities, exercises and musical games to help them develop their skills in style. Other benefits boast improving fitness, balance, strength, co-ordination, challenges the brain and body and boosts overall mental and physical wellbeing.

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An introduction to the world of classical ballet in a creative and fun environment. Ballet is well known to enhance posture, poise, musicality, strength and grace. The class will explore ballet and classical themes using creative movement, props and stories.

The group will learn basic classical ballet technique with the hope to inspire the children to explore other dance forms and/or to pursue classical ballet training in a more formal setting.

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Move your feet to the beat with Tap Dance! Your students will learn to create rhythm and sounds with their feet in our fun and interactive classes. Our expert instructors will guide them through technical exercises and super fun stomping choreography. They will enjoy the benefits of improved musical appreciation and rhythmical awareness.

Tap dance also has excellent cognitive benefits improving function, capacity for learning and memory as a result of working with the incredible combination of counting rhythm’s, music and movement. Tap shoes are not essential to enjoy exploring the world of Tap. Shuffle-ballchange stamp with us!

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(Musical Theatre: Acting, Singing and Dance)

Are your students ready to explore a magical world of performing arts and Musical Theatre? WhizzTheatrics is of a theatrical nature; all singing, all dancing and all acting! The style promotes confidence, concentration, communication and coordination in the individual alongside encouraging a sense of teamwork and sensitivity when working with others.

Activities include drama exercises and games, voice work and singing, dance and much more as they explore songs, characters and themes within a Musical. Unleash their theatrical spark and have an amazing time with us!

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WhizzDance Music and Movement


This is an energetic class for young children encompassing dance, song, drama, creative movement, and storytelling. This class is a perfect introduction to the world of performing arts, movement, drama, dance and music for your young students allowing them to explore self expression, encourage self-esteem and develop body awareness and co-ordination.

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WhizzContemporary and Creative Movement


Unlock curiosity within dance, movement and creativity through basic contemporary technique. Your group will follow a structured contemporary based dance class that works to improve co-ordination, body awareness and balance.

They will also experience structured choreography giving them a chance to explore their own feeling of movement in the body freely and creatively through a range of tasks and activities taken independently and working with others.

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